To know how many points you have left to be redeemed, or to redeem your points, message Tumbles! Note, unclaimed points are always saved until the player chooses to redeem them.
Tumbles is easy to reach as an admin on the Custom Magic Discord. Alternatively you can message /u/ItsTumbles on Reddit. Players can receive their prizes quick and easy through e-transfers, but with that option $1.50 CAD will be subtracted from the prize for fees. Fees suck, so I recommend players select an online store they like, and I can send them a gift card for it, typically free of fees. Amazon, tcgplayer, and channelfireball for example all offer virtual gift cards with no fees.
100 points = $1.00 CAD

Leaderboard Edit

Here you find which players have been most successful in TumbledMTG events! The listed points here are total earned, not necessarily the amount of points the player has left to cash in.

  • Calibur - 2100
  • Tetra - 1825
  • Tumbles - 1675
  • ThatDamnPipsqueak - 1100
  • CyberChronometer - 1075
  • Bexe - 425
  • Helioflare - 300
  • Ladsworld - 300
  • Sol Invictus - 300
  • Frogmaker - 150

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