TBLD Jochi Last Whisperer
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Jochi was a whisperer when the Temur clan was young. She was born shortly after Ugin was slain, and while she was being taught the ways of her people, the clans of tarkir triumphed over the dragons. Jochi grew into her role within the clan marvelously, helping guide the Temur into a future without dragons.

But alas, this is a history that was fated for oblivion. When Sarkhan saved Ugin in Tarkir's past, it wiped the Temur from Tarkir's future. The culture and wisdom of the Temur clan was all but forgotten as Atarka's terrible hunger consumed the clan. And by some trick of fate, it was many years after Ugin's battle with Bolas that Jochi was born into this version of Tarkir. Her life was much different in this new timeline. She grew up as all did in the Atarka brood, zealously hunting on behalf of the ravenous rulers of her people.

The whispers still reached Jochi, though she had no one to teach her to listen. In her sleep she heard the story of a different Tarkir where her people were more than mere animals, living to fill Atarka's stomach. This story was only a dream to Jochi, but it nurtured a longing within her for a better life. Melancholia inevitably singled her out to be devoured; in Atarka's brood, you are either a fervent hunter, or you are a meal. But just as Atarka's jaws reached Joshi, the dragon's flames licking her face, she found herself in another place.

Suddenly she was atop an island, an island floating on air rather than water. Vines stretched to other such islands as well as strange, angular objects sitting in the air amidst the aerial archipelago. Far below a jungle churned, the earth turning over itself. Jushi did not immediately see these surroundings, however. Upon appearing in this new surrounding she was barraged with memories. The whole of another lifetime came rushing into her, a version of herself forgotten by time. Jochi remembered the Temur, remembered the old ways, remembered a clan that was proud and wise. Two identities clashed within her mind before melding. She was two people and one all at once. A despair washed over Jochi, crashing upon her with greater force than even the lifetime of memories. Only with the knowledge of what was and what could have been did the tragedy of her people become realized within her mind.

Jochi wept for her lost clan, but she could not wallow forever. She had been delivered from Atarka for a reason. Resolve supplanted misery, for she knew what she must do. If her clan's history could be unwritten, it could be rewritten. She will find the spirit dragon Ugin. She will take from him the power of time, by force if need be. She will see the Temur thrive again. No matter what.