Take a look at TumbledMTG's custom rules before participating in a tournament! Also, unless specified otherwise, players must choose a single deck to use for each event, and edits are not allowed in between rounds.

TumbledMTG Leagues Edit

Every second Saturday a new league begins, lasting 12 days (ending every second Wednesday). At any time until a league is over, a new player can join it simply by challenging another player to a league game and reporting the score. Visit the discord channel to find opponents and check the leaderboard.

Free to enter! Prizes are as follows:

  1. 400 pts
  2. 300 pts
  3. 200 pts
  4. 100 pts
  5. 50 pts

Plus, at the end of the league, each player ranked 5th or better can receive an additional 100 pts! To do so, they must have played against each player tied with them and each player ranked directly below them (win or lose). For example, a player ranked 3rd needs to have played against each other player ranked 3rd and each player ranked 4th to receive their extra 100 pts. Usually, this is only going to be one person, as ties aren't common in leagues where many matches are played.

Note: Losses and wins are both worth points! Visit this page for detailed information.

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