4.04 Edit

Lava Axe* added

Lightning Blast* added

Thermal Sink added

Wooded Node added

Zap* added

Phoenix-Flame Ritual removed

Nyxbolt costs 1 more to hardcast

Horned Brawler has 1 more toughness

Flame Twist costs 1R instead of 2R

Font of Fortunes and Font of Ire reworked

4.03 Edit

Seismic Rift added

Tribute added

Extricate added

Rise from the Grave added

Unearthly Departure added

Forgotten Cave added

Lava Dart added

Smoldering Crater added

Outthink now counters any nonflash spell

Teetering Peaks only gives +2/+0, but it's a mountain

Trap Essence doesn't target creatures any more

Spring Charm reworked

Magmatic Insight is now flash

Magma Jet now has mountaincycling

Monocolored fetchlands removed

Hungering Yeti rework

Yeti Assailant only forces you to block the turn it etbs

Incendiary Command's modes tweaked

Storm Crow now has alternate casting cost

Nighteyes the Desecrator's activated ability costs less.

+3 toughness for Shinobi Moonstrider

Pinnacle of Rage rework

Ambush Tactician has less color intensive ninjutsu cost

4.02 Edit

Forged in Prophecy released as set 004

Felhide Spiritbinder* added

Waste Not added

Lurid Vision added

Dissapearing Act* added

Tendrils of Agony added

Seek//Destroy added

Spring Charm added

Tribute added

heartbeat of spring added

Ugin’s Nexus added

Sanguination Ritual added

Sleight of Hand is now closer to preordain.

Shocklands are now templated with a triggered ability.

Embodiment of Spring no longer cycles.

Dig lands now scry 3 instead of 4.

Sakashima the Imposter now costs nothing to bounce.

Shinobi Moonstrider now a 5/3.

Replicate Form doesn't use a triggered ability anymore.

Name of Spirit Dousing changed to Soul Dousing.

Passion Charm gives haste instead of trample.

Temur Charm has been reworked.

Cozen can't hit flash cards.

Weave Fate flashback cost reduced to 5U.

Takenuma's Hunger now costs 3B and forces each player to exile creatures from their graveyard.

Removed Temur Highlands

Fatal Charm has charm subtype, third mode is Inquisition of Kozilek instead of duress.

Cracklands now scry 1 before you draw

Bring Low now counts counters of any kind.

Rumblethrag is now a Beast

Hungering Yeti gets +1 power and no longer cycles.

Channel Fury now requires you to tap a single creature.

Ninja of Dark Forces has 1 less toughness, uses up less life when making mana, costs 1 less mana, and is templated as an activated ability instead of a triggered ability.

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